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Rubber Patio Paver Tile vs. Sterling Rooftop Tile Comparison

Date Published: 07-11 - 2016

Rubber Pavers are designed to provide a softer and more slip resistant alternative to stone or concrete paving tiles.

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Greatmats offers rubber pavers in multiple sizes, thickness, surface designs, installation types and price ranges. Today we’ll compare our Rubber Patio Paver Tiles and our Sterling Rooftop Tiles. Both are made of recycled rubber content, commonly used as patio flooring and are safe for installation over rubber roofing membranes.

First let’s take a look at the obvious - size and thickness. The economical Rubber Patio Paver Tiles are 16x16 inches in size and ¾ inch thick and weigh just 6 pounds per tile. Sterling Roof Top Tiles on the other hand are 2 x 2 ft in size x 2 inches thick and 24 pounds each.

Now, check out the surface patterns. Rubber Patio Paver Tiles are reversible with brick pattern on one side and architectural pattern on the other. The grooves on these tiles help channel water off the tiles. The larger rubber pavers have a flat top surface and are not reversible.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the Sterling Roof Top Tiles have interlocking edges, which help keep the tiles in place while the Rubber Patio Paver tiles are straight edged. Due to its lightweight and straight edge nature, it is highly recommended that Rubber Patio Paver tiles be secured down with glue or staples. Sterling Rooftop tiles can be dry laid, but adhesives can be used for a more secure installation.

Another big difference is the price as Sterling Roof Top Pavers are about 2 ½ times the price of Rubber Patio Paver Tiles per square foot. With that price tag comes a limited lifetime warranty. Rubber Patio Paver Tiles offer a 5 year warranty.

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