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Ramped Border Strips for Court Floor Tiles

Date Published: 12-15 - 2022

Greatmats Click Tile Border Ramps work beautifully to create a safe and stylish finished edge on Greatmats Court Floor Tiles. The ramp serves as reducer transition strips for the 5/8 inch thick tiles and quickly snaps into place. This covers the tab and loop edges of the tiles and reduces the risk of tripping hazards. Pair the click tile border ramp with a click tile corner ramp to give the corner of an island installation the same style and safety benefits as the edges.

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Click Tile Border Ramp - https://www.greatmats.com/accessories/click-tile-border-ramp.php
Click Tile Corner Ramp - https://www.greatmats.com/accessories/click-tile-corner-ramp.php


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