Taekwondo Workout Mats: Pro Interlocking Foam Tiles

11-10 - 2015

Pro Sport 7/8 inch thick interlocking foam martial arts mats are specifically designed as an affordable Taekwondo or Karate flooring solution. The durable, scuff resistant thatch surface of these EVA foam tiles is designed to handle athletic footwear and will not absorb moisture. With different colors on each side and five different color options the reversible Pro Sport tiles offer many design options.

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At a convenient 1x1 meter size, Pro Sport tiles are easy to install. Complete with four border strips per tile, Pro Sport 7/8 inch flooring can be used for both island and wall-to-wall installations. Simply connect the tiles together like a puzzle and cut to fit with a sharp utility knife.

Pro Sport martial arts mats are shipped via ground or freight delivery.