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Portable Outdoor And Tent Tile - Extreme Heat Test

Date Published: 08-12 - 2022

While Portable Outdoor and Tent Tiles are not typically used for industrial environments, we decided to put the to the test against extreme heat generated by sparks, hot metal and open flames.
This polypropylene plastic tile did discolor and pit when within a few inches of the source of the sparks, but when the sparks originated even 1 foot away from the tiles, they were unaffected by the sparks.
We also cut off a bolt using an angle grinder, which heated the metal to a glowing red. When this hot metal sat on the plastic tile, it did melt slightly into the surface, much like a branding iron.
When exposed to the open flame of a lighter, the material also did burn and melt some. This is important to note in case they are used in areas where candles may be present.
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