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Pool Decking and Wet Area Flooring - SoftFlex Floor Tiles

Date Published: 06-23 - 2016

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Ideal for shower areas, locker rooms, spas and hot tub areas, pool surrounds and other wet areas, these antimicrobial PVC tiles feature a non-slip and perforated surface.

The perforated surface prevents water from pooling on top of the floor while the raised base allows for drainage and airflow beneath the floor.

The soft material and unique texture provide excellent safety and comfort as well as providing anti-fatigue benefits.

SoftFlex Floor Tiles are easy to install with a snap together interlocking design that eliminates the need for special tools or adhesives.

Use this flooring indoors only.

It is available in six color options and carries a 10 year warranty.

SoftFlex tiles ship via ground or freight delivery to your location.

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