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Do Perforated Plastic Garage Floor Tiles Get Hot In the Sun

Date Published: 09-08 - 2022

We often get questions about how hot different flooring products get when exposed to direct sunlight. In this video will compare different colors of Greatmats Perforated Garage Tiles, which are made of a rigid Polypropylene Plastic. They are designed not only for use in garages, but for temporary event flooring and outdoor deck and patio areas.
The tiles were left in direct sunlight for just over 4 hours and were tested with an infrared thermometer when the outdoor temperature was 83 degrees Fahrenheit.
As you might expect the black tiles did get the hottest, reaching a maximum temperated of 111.5 degrees. Next in line were the Gray tiles, which reached 108.8 degrees. The Red tiles remained the coolest, only heating up to 95.5 degrees.
If you're looking for decking that doesn't get hot around pools, patios, balconies and more, this might be a great option for you.
Keep in mind this is an unofficial test and results may vary depending on climate conditions.
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