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Outdoor Tile Comparison: Dribbling a Basketball

Date Published: 09-08 - 2021

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At Greatmats, we often get questions about how well you can dribble a basketball on our floor tiles - especially outdoor deck and patio tiles. Let’s take a look at how four different perforated plastic outdoor tiles perform when we attempt to dribble a basketball on the tiles when they are laid over a level concrete surface.

The products we're testing are the Outdoor Court Tile XT3, Staylock Tile Perforated, Tennis Court Tile MT2 and Patio Outdoor Tile. The Outdoor Court Tile XT# and Tennis Court Tile MT2 are made of a more rigid polypropylene material while the Staylock Tile and Patio Outdoor Tiles are made of flexible PVC materials.

As you can see all of these tiles perform quite well on the dribble test. The biggest difference we found was taking a basketball that was sitting on the perforated staylock tile and attempting to dribble it without picking it up first. It can be done, but it was a bit more challenging than the other tiles due to the cushioning of the tile.

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