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MMA Mats & Grappling Mats Demo - Greatmats

Date Published: 11-06 - 2013

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7 time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros demos the use of Greatmats grappling mats.

Introducing Greatmats professional martial arts flooring and grappling mats floors. These foam mats are 1x1 meter in size and 1-5/8 inch thick. They are an excellent choice for any professional MMA floors and MMA training studio including; Judo, BJJ and Jiu Jitsu. Grappling mats are built with a durable tatami surface texture that will not give skin burns. These martial arts mats are used around the world in professional studios and competitions.

These interlocking MMA mats are easy to install and they require no adhesive. They are lightweight so you can easily bring them with you if you move. This is a great MMA mat for Judo, grappling, BJJ, and Jiu Jitsu training in your studio or for competitions.

Reversible MMA mat feature colors on both sides which allows for a multi-color design in your facility. These grappling mats are designed to be used directly on concrete without the need for additional padding.

Allow your new martial arts mats to adjust to your room's climate conditions prior to installation. Once they are room temperature, to install this foam flooring, lay these MMA and grappling mats down and interlock the edges together for a perfect fit every time. Effortlessly lay these foam mats wall-to wall; simply measure and cut with a sharp utility knife. Remember to always protect your grappling mats from direct sunlight as the foam mats can expand with increased heat and humidity.

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