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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You

Butterfly Guard Pass BJJ Instruction - Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros

Comprido's step-by-step instructions for passing the guard

''Hi. I'm Rodrigo Comprido. That's Marcelo Cazuza. We are here for the Greatmats Series. I want to show you guys a pass guard.

My opponent sits in the butterfly. What I'm going to do is I will come with my hand. We'll slide here, and I make a pocket grip.

My hands going to come on top. I will hold his pants and rotate. Okay? Make a pocket grip here. This makes my position very safe.

With this hand, I just put my thumb inside and hold his lapel. Head inside... pull his head down and I pull my leg backward as I'm rotating him.
Side control... and pass his guard.

Keep controlling his leg for at least 3 seconds.''

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Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros
Comprido BJJ
Bloomingdale IL
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