BJJ World Champion Comprido on Different Martial Arts Styles

By Greatmats Staff Created: July, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

''I trained in judo. I started when I was very young. I trained for a couple of months, and later when I started doing jiu jitsu, some of my best friends are judo competitors. Some of them went to the Olympics. I've been lucky enough to train with these amazing judo competitors in Brazil and my physical trainer in Brazil was also the physical trainer for one of the big judo teams, so I have a lot of contact with very very good judo.

I trained in a little bit of kickboxing as well. I've never been really good, but I've trained in that.

I trained in taekwondo

Assimilate and incorporate other stuff in my jiu jitsu point of view. Many times, we jiu jitsu fighters, we tend to be very hard headed with some stuff. I worked for a long time with wrestlers, so I was able to easily adjust for what they like to do, what their style is - a lot more pressure, a lot more power - a lot less resting. You start to adjust and see wrestling technique and try to understand that for jiu jitsu opticus.

Then when I explain something for the wrestlers - do this in a way that makes sense for them. Try to use analogies for wrestling movements and then - look this technique is just like what you do for wrestling. This helps me to adjust my coaching for other martial arts.''

Rodrigo Medeiros and Marcelo Cazusa Greatmats
Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros
Comprido BJJ
Bloomingdale IL
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