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Soft Pool Decking - Life Floor Slate Pool Deck Foam Tiles

Date Published: 03-31 - 2016

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This high end soft pool surround flooring adds comfort and safety to pool deck areas as well as any place where children and wet floors come together.

Constructed of a high-quality rubber-foam blend, Life Floor Slate tiles are made in the USA and offer unmatched slip resistance and cushioning for indoor and outdoor pool surrounds, showers, splash pads, locker rooms and more.

The pool decking is UV-stable, anti-microbial and critical fall-height rated at 1 foot..

Life Floor slate tiles maintain their aesthetic value for years as they are virtually impossible to stain and are offered in eight colors.

The slip resistant flooring system is soft to the touch and gentle on bare feet.

Resistant to extreme temperature changes, this pool decking won’t hold on to heat or cold the way concrete or tile surfaces do, and maintains a comfortable temperature range.

Life Floor Slate tiles are 2x2 feet in size and require glue-down installation outdoors or a peel and stick installation in doors.

This product features a 5-year warranty and offers free shipping.

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