StayLock Floor Tile Installation - Orange Peel PVC Floor Tiles

10-30 - 2015

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StockLock Modular floor tiles are remarkably easy to install. If you've got a straight edge, a tape measure and a sharp utility knife, chances are pretty good, you can lay your own StayLock Floor Tiles. The tiles can be laid an any hard flat surface, as well as carpeting.
To begin, clean your floor of dirt and debris. Simply place the first tile in the corner with the loop sides of the tile facing out. From there, you simply interlock the tiles together, always laying the nub over the loops – working in a triangular fashion.
Work on the installation until you've reached the opposite wall and there is no room to lay another full additional tile. At this point measure the distance from the edge of your laid tiles and the wall. Using your straight edge as a guide, cut your tiles to fit and you're done.
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