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StayLock Patio and Deck Flooring Tile Installation Tips

Date Published: 09-17 - 2022

When Installing StayLock PVC Deck and Patio Tiles over an existing wood deck there are a few thing you may want to keep in mind. Here are six tips for making your installation go as smoothly as possible.
1. Make sure the existing deck is free of dirt and debris.
2. When unboxing your tiles, confirm that the tiles are the right color and quantity and are free of damage.
3. Leave a small expansion gap between the tiles and wall. This will help prevent buckling, and make the installation process easier.
4. Have a non-scuffing mallet on hand to connect the interlocks. This can be done tool free, but it will be easier on your hands to use a mallet - especially for larger installations.
5. Ask a friend to help lay out the tiles ahead of time, ensuring that they are all facing the same direction. This will save lots of time.
6. Take before and after pictures and/or videos so you can see how the appearance of your deck as change. You'll love it and we'd like to see it as well!

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