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Indoor Basketball Court Tile Comparison

Date Published: 09-10 - 2021

Watch as Greatmats compares three of its most popular modular indoor basketball court flooring tiles. These 12x12 inch tiles snap together to form and quick and easy to assemble portable or permanent basketball court over any hard flat surface.

The tiles compared in the video are:
Court Floor Tile Flat Top 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.: https://www.greatmats.com/tiles/court-floor-tile-flat.php
Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro 9/16 Inch x 1x1 Ft.: https://www.greatmats.com/court-tiles/basketball-court-tiles.php
Max Tile Raised Floor Tile 5/8 Inch x 1x1 Ft.: https://www.greatmats.com/tiles/raised-floor-tiles-max.php

You can also find more Greatmats basketball court flooring options at https://www.greatmats.com/tiles/raised-floor-tiles-max.php

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