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How To Use Greatmats Free Online Flooring Layout Planner

Date Published: 08-27 - 2020

This is a tutorial on how to Create a Custom Room Design with your flooring.

This great free floor layout planner allows you to create your room to scale and design the layout!

You can experiment with different products, colors or layout options and once you decide on your design, you can add those products to your cart. It doesn't matter if you're looking hard engineered hardwood, laminate, foam floor tiles, rolled rubber, vinyl rolls or even large mat flooring systems. You can use this online planner to determine the layout and quantity of the flooring.
It is easy to use and can be found on select product pages underneath the Add to Cart button.
Click Create a Custom Room Design.
This application uses the Adobe Flash Player. If the application does not open, you may need to download the flash player or you may need to allow the plugin to run.
When the tool loads, you will want to click Start a New Room
You will build your walls by entering the dimension of your first wall and then click the directional arrow that applies.
Next to close the room.
The Next Screen is where you will select colors or patterns. You can also move the grid by holding down the control key.
Select a color and click Fill All
These colors are not intended to be an exact representation of the product, they are close, but they will not be exact.
If you would like a checkerboard pattern, select checker and that will activate the second tile. Click on the second tile and select a color and then Fill All.
If you want to make another pattern in your floor, simply select another color and click in the individual squares or slide your mouse.
Once you are happy with your design, click Next.
You will see the details of your flooring here, the color and quantities. You can add an overage, and the tool will automatically calculate and adjust your total.
From here you can add these items to your cart or request a quote.
There is also an option to print the information or save it for later.
If you save for later, when you come back to the designer, instead of Starting a New Room, you will select Load a Saved Job and it will open the job that you saved.
If you have any questions, please give us a call and someone from our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

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