How to Tie a Quick Release Knot For Horses

By Greatmats Staff Created: February, 2019 - Modified: July, 2021

By Kelly Murphy-Alley

Let's discuss the importance a tying a colt the right way. There's a lot that goes into tying them. You want to teach them to be patient. I tie my colts to a tie rubber on a post. It's safe. They can stretch it. They won't hurt themselves as easily. And it will teach them to be patient when tied to a post. Don't tie your horses in a rope halter. They can get hurt very easiy. I use a leather halter.

I'm going to teach you a quick release tie. Take the end of you lead rope and run it through your rubber. Loop it around and run your rope back through to get your quick release tie. To untie, just pull the tail of the lead rope.
Kelly Murphy-Alley
Striking KMA Performance Horses
Wilmore KY