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How to Install Max Tile Border Ramps - Floor Reducer Strips

Date Published: 03-06 - 2020

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Installation of Max Tile Border ramps is a snap. The key is paying attention to the tab and loop connectors on both your tiles and border strips.

Female Border strips will have loop style connectors that clip into place underneath your modular floor tiles. It’s easiest to lay the strips out along the male edged or tab side of your flooring installation. If you are positioned on your max tile flooring, you’ll work from left to right and connect all of the border strips together for that side of your floor.

Once they are connected to each other. Pick up the edges of the flooring enough to slide the loops of the border strips underneath the tiles.

Then push down or step on the edges of the tiles until you hear the connectors snap into place.
The male border ramps are even easier. Continue working from left to right, placing the tabs over the loops and tapping the ramps into place until you’ve covered the desired length of that side. No tools are necessary - just a firm tap from your hand or foot.

Once your side ramps are completely installed, there is a special corner ramp with female loop on one side and a male tab on the other.

This piece will require an angular positioning to start, allowing its tab to sit above the loop of one border strip and its loop to slide under the tab of another border strip. Give the corner piece a firm tap and both connectors will seat themselves.

The border ramps will hold firmly in place until you want to remove them. If you have a temporary installation, disassembly is even easier. Just fold or lift between the border strips and tiles and the connectors will release.

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