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How To Install a 12x12 Humane Horse Stall Mat Kit

Date Published: 07-13 - 2022

Today we are going to install the Human 12x12 foot horse stall mat kit.

These rubber mat kits feature an easy interlocking system and are commonly installed in horse stalls and in commercial gyms.

Start by laying out the six rubber mats. Keep in mind that most of these mats have at least one straight edge, so you will want to align them accordingly to keep straight edges on the outside. These mats are marked to match diagrams for ease of installation.

In this case we are installing a 6-piece kit with 4 corner pieces and two border pieces. To interlock the mats, simply overlap the interlocking edges and apply some pressure to lock them into place. When finished you should have a nice tight fitting and non-shifting rubber stall floor.

Thanks for watching and enjoy your new rubber horse stall kit.

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