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How to Install Aluminum Edging on Workplace Matting

Date Published: 05-06 - 2024

This video demonstrates how to install Aluminum Edging on these products:
Firmagrip, Herongripa, Vinygrip, Flexigrid, and HVD.

Make sure your matting has been laid out to acclimatise and relax completely.

Join the edging sections together to make the right size frame for the mat.
Mitre corners and join using angle inserts.
The inserts are a tight push fit.
When completing the final side of the frame, make sure you fit both corner inserts into the single remaining edge.
Mark your drill holes.
Drill the holes 6mm (1/4") in Diameter and 36mm (17/16") Deep
Insert plugs into the drill holes.
Fix the aluminum frame to the floor.
Position one end of the mat under the edging strip and lay in the frame.

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