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How To Clean EVA Foam Mats

Date Published: 06-01 - 2022

Today, we’re going to clean the EVA foam puzzle mats.

To get started, fill a bucket with mild, non-bleach soap and hot water. Next, grab a mop with a scrubby. After getting the mop wet, wring out as much soapy water as you can and begin mopping the floor. More attention may be needed for heavily soiled areas. If trouble areas are not coming clean with a mop, try using a firmer sponge or gentle brush over the area - after testing your scrubby in an inconspicuous area.

After scrubbing out any problem areas, it’s best to go back over the entire mat pulling the mop towards you in one direction to avoid leaving deposits of dirt and debris where the mop changes direction - and to avoid leaving footprints.

After the surface has been damp mopped with soapy water, rinse out the mop and bucket and fill with clean water only. Use the mop to rinse the surface to avoid soap residue. After rinsing, let the floor air dry. If residue remains, towel drying will take away the residue.

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Thanks for watching and enjoy your clean EVA foam mats.
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