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How much does temperature affect modular floor tiles

Date Published: 08-01 - 2022

Have you ever wondered why sometimes floor tiles are harder to connect than other times? Temperature plays a big role, especially with plastic flooring. Take, for instance Greatmats’ Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles. These high end modular floor tiles feature a rigid polypropylene base, topped by a luxury vinyl surface.

To show how much temperature affects the flooring, we decided to do a flexibility test with a tile stored at an 80 degree room temperature. And one stored in a 0 degree freezer.
As you can see, the 80 degree tile can handle pretty extreme bending and twisting, while the 0 degree tile hardly flexes at all.

This is why a warm, flexible tile snaps together much easier during installation than cold tiles. Keep that in mind the next time you go to install plastic modular flooring.

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