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Therapeutic Horse Box Stall Mats for QMA Equine Therapy

By Greatmats Staff Created: September, 2017 - Modified: September, 2023

Operating an Equine Assisted Therapy program is no walk in the park. It comes with many challenges and just as many rewards. At Quarter Moon Acres in Amery, Wisconsin, its three founders understanding that like anything, a strong foundation is important.

''Most of the time, the horses we use are elderly horses, 17 and up, and when they're in their stalls for quite a bit of the day like they are, they need some cushion on their feet and under their legs and without stall mats, we would not be able to do what we do because no legs on a horse, no feet, no horse, no horse, no therapy,'' said co-founder Patti Andersen.

Quality stall mats can make all the difference between ''Open for business'' and ''Closed due to technical difficulties.''

''No. 1, they have to be comfortable for those horses and No. 2, they need to be dry; they need to be easy to clean because as we're in and out of sessions, we have to be able to quick make sure that our stalls are clean and then be able to put our focus back on our clients,'' said fellow co-founder Kristi Hart.

That's why Quarter Moon Acres has begun integrating Greatmats interlocking stall mat kits into its new 10-stall barn.

''We have to have sound horses,'' said the program's third founder Karole Lee. ''If they aren't sound, we can't have them out in the program at all. If they're going to stand on rough or uneven flooring, they're not going to be sound if they trip over uneven mats.''

''I can speak for some of the other mats that we've used,'' Hart said. ''To have the seams not catch as we're sliding the pitchfork over them or even as we're walking our horses in and out, Greatmats is the way to go.''

''When God created horses, he did not make them the most graceful animals, so if there's something to get caught on, they will get caught on it and with the mats from Greatmats, they are standing straight and tall,'' Andersen said.
Patti Andersen, Kristi Hart, Karole Lee
Quarter Moon Acres Equine Assisted Therapy Center
Amery WI 54001