How to Lunge a Horse on a Line

By Greatmats Staff Created: December, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

By Kelly Alley

Let's take a look at how to lunge a young horse on a line. When lunging on a short lead rope, make sure not to ask the horse to lope. When you're lunging, be sure to stand at the horses hip. It will move away from you. A common mistake is to stand at the horse's shoulder. This confuses the horse as to what you are asking for.

It's nice to have a lunge whip to help motivate them to move forward. Keep the horse moving forward and paying attention to you at a nice walk.

If the horse speeds up to a trot, slow them back down to a walk by easing off the pressure from the whip.

When you're ready to stop the horse, it is then ok to step into the shoulder while pulling its head toward you and asking her to ''whoa!''

Then its time to have them circle in the opposite direction by pulling their head to that direction and returning your positioning to her hip again.

If the horse is doing what you are asking, respect that. Ease off of them and let them have a break.

Some days they won't do what you ask. Those are the days to push them harder.

Make sure to use positive reinforcement so your horse is having good experiences in their training.

After you're done, pet on them and do a little desensitizing again and end on a good note.
Kelly Murphy-Alley
Striking KMA Performance Horses
Wilmore KY
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