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Horse Obstacle Course Logs - Jesse Krier Greatmats Horse Training Series

Date Published: 12-24 - 2021

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Hi I’m Jesse Krier from K2 Ranch in Clayton Wisconsin. Welcome to the Greatmats Horse Training Series.

Today. We’re going to take this filly and we’re going to expose her to obstacles. There’s a bunch of obstacles here and there are some things that she’s done here before and some things she has not done. When I bring them here the first time, we don’t blow her mind up with the first time seeing everything. Today she’s ready to see a few more things and it’s just keeping her mind right and keeping her paying attention to what the obstacle is and we’re going to go through it together.

One of the first steps we’re going to do is we’re going to get her to step over some logs. Seems pretty trivial.

But getting a young 2-year-old filly to pay attention and look at these can be a little cumbersome for them. So when we approach something like this, we don’t just kick, kick, kick, and hyah, hyah. It’s let her look at them. Let her survey the situation.

And then ask her to take a step. Giving her her face. Keeping it in between our reins. Keeping her at the obstacle. Letting her look at them and go.

Once we’ve accomplished something simple like that we can go on to these next logs on this windmill. The more advanced they are, the higher up the logs we’ll go.

She’s wanting to drift a little bit. We’ll just keep her between our reins like we did before. Picking her up where we need to. And now the second time around, we’ll increase it a little bit and ask her to step up a little higher.
Atta girl.
When she’s done that,

Then we’ll ask her to the tire. See if she can step up there. Let her look at it. Ask for a little more encouragement. Hind feet - big umph!

Once she’s done something like that, then we’ll come through these other logs - just another added obstacle.

Another obstacle will be my hat hitting the branches. That was good for her. You can tell, she’s done that one before.

She did good with it.

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