Horse Stall Mats - 3x3 Foot Ring Rubber Floor Mats for Wash Bays

05-13 - 2016

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Today we’re going to talk about our 3x3 foot rubber ring mats for equine use.
These wet area mats are perfect for area where you need to keep animals out of standing water or liquids.

The durable rubber rings mats are perforated with holes, allowing fluids to drain through the tiles, and with a ⅝ inch thickness, a buffer is created between animals and any standing water than may remain under the mats.

Try these ring mats in horse wash bays, wash stalls, dog kennels and veterinary clinics. They also work well for kitchens, bars and other wet areas.

These 3x3 foot ring mats weigh 25 pounds each and carry a 1 year warranty.

This product ships via freight delivery to your location.
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