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Hog Heaven Welding Mat

Date Published: 04-19 - 2022

Here I have a mat built to withstand the heat of welding sparks and slag and is resistant to chemicals, grease and oils. The Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Indoor Mat.

This mat is 33x58 inches and ⅝ of an inch thick. It is made of 20% recycled rubber surface bonded to a durable closed cell foam cushion that will not crack or curl like some PVC mats. This mat features anti-fatigue properties and is certified electrically conductive and slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Shop for Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Mats Now: https://www.greatmats.com/entrance-mats/anti-fatigue-mats-hog-heaven-3x5x5-8.php

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