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Is it ok to wear high heels on perforated flooring

Date Published: 11-23 - 2022

Many outdoor tiles are designed with holes or perforations in the surface to allow for water drainage and air flow. However, depending on how big those holes are and how flexible flooring material is, this could be problematic for those wearing high heels, especially those where they heels have a small diameter.
We decided to test four of our most popular perforated outdoor floor tiles to see just how well they perform under high heels. And we found three of the four did just fine.
The top performing tile was the Portable Outdoor and Tent Tile. This tile can be installed over virtually any surface and is commonly used as an outdoor event flooring system.
Next in line was the Patio Outdoor Tile. This may be a surprising No. 2 pick as it's made of a flexible PVC material as opposed to the much firmer polypropylene material used in the Portable Outdoor Tiles. What helps the patio outdoor tile is the fact the the holes in the surface are quite small and there is an extensive support system on the underside.
Coming in at No. 3 was the Perforated Garage Tile. This is made of a rigid polypropylene material that will not flex, however, it does have some ridges on the surface that can have some affect on the stability of the heels.
While our Staylock Perforated Tiles are extremely popular for play areas, do to their fatigue relieving properties, this doesn't make them great for high heels as the perforations in the surface are a bit too large. Combine that with the flexible nature of the PVC and it does leave opportunities for those pointy heels to stick through the surface.
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