Greatmats Adagio Dance Flooring at Christines Dance Company - Rice Lake, WI

05-30 - 2019

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My name is Christine Fink and I am the owner of Christine’s Dance Company in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I heard about Greatmats from my assistant Cathy. She has ordered some things for her studio in the past. This floor is fantastic. Doing a lot of research on flooring, I quickly decided that the adagio flooring would suit our needs best just because its multipurpose, it can go tap, jazz, lyrical, all of it. We went ahead and installed that. It went really smoothly.

Now that we’re at recital, we decided a few weeks ago to add a touring floor to the stage here. This black floor just makes everything look so classic and pretty and then it’s safe for the kids too. I’ve told several people that this floor has been my favorite floor out of all of the floors I’ve ever danced on. Which is why I purchased it for the recital too.

My experience with Greatmats was fantastic.