How well do garage floor tiles resist workshop sparks Unofficial Test

08-09 - 2022

Garage floor tiles come in various different designs and materials including polypropylene & pvc plastics as well as rubber. But how well do they hold up against sparks in a workshop setting.
We did an unofficial test of of these three materials by placing three of our most popular garage floor tiles just a few inches underneath a bench grinder. The rubber material seemed to show the least amount of damage, followed by PVC, which did have some minor pitting. The more rigid polypropylene tile did show the most damage. It is important to note that the polypropylene tile was also the lightest in color while the rubber was the darkest. All damage burn marks were dark on each tile.
Here are the products we tested:
Garage Floor Tile Diamond (Polypropylene):
Home Garage Coin Top (PVC):
Interlocking Rubber Tile Gmats (Rubber):