Garage Floor Tiles Sink or Float Tests

08-13 - 2022

The durability of garage flooring is tested to a higher degree than almost any other type of flooring. This type of flooring must hold up to everything from impact, to heavy objects, moisture, chemicals and much more.

One thing that often isn't considered is what happens to the floor in case of a flood.

That got us thinking. Would waterproof garage flooring sink or float in deep water?

So we tested some of our most popular products by throwing them into a swimming pool and attempting to submerge them.

One thing we did find was that both polypropylene and rubber garage tiles floated, no matter the design of the tile. Take a look at how three different tiles compared during this test.

These products were:
Garage Floor Tile Diamond (polypropylene):
Interlocking Rubber Tile Gmats (rubber):
Perforated Garage Tile (polypropylene):