How to Install Garage Aikido Dojo Matting with Puzzle Mats and Panel Mats

09-21 - 2022

Watch as this Greatmats customer utilized 5/8 inch thick puzzle mats and 2 inch thick folding gym mats to create a safe Aikido Dojo in his garage. The interlocking puzzle mats create a waterproof cushioned and thermal insulative layer over the cold, hard concrete. The panel mats also connect together on all four sides and give the necessary fall protection for Aikido throws, falls and takedowns.

The products used in this installation were:

Foam Kids and Gym Mats Premium 5/8 inch x 2x2 ft -

Gym Mats 2 Inch x 4x8 Ft. V4 18 oz -

Gym Mats 2 Inch x 4x10 Ft. V4 18 oz -