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Foam Tiles Wood Grain Reversible - Interlocking Foam Floors - Greatmats

Date Published: 01-08 - 2014

Introducing a new more durable wooden grain interlocking foam floor tile with a reversible design featuring tan thatch texture on the bottom side of this foam mat, doubling the usefulness and life span of this interlocking foam floor tile in your home installation.

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Choose the oak wooden grain look or the tan texture or both, in your basement floor, kids room or family room foam floor tile installation. With this foam mat you will receive two border strips per tile which makes installation as easy as laying the foam floor tiles and interlocking together. Easily cut to fit for wall to wall installations as needed. 2x2 foot x 1/2 inch, 13 mm thick.

Now you can have a double sided, double color design 2x2 foot interlocking foam floor tile for home and gym or kids room use. Choose the wooden grain and the tan side up for a unique design or choose the wooden grain for summer and the tan side for winter. Both sides are easy to clean and are durable to common foot traffic. Both sides will interlock with each other.

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