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Top 7 Uses of Home Tatami Sport Tile 20 mm

By Julia Nass Created: August, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

The Home Tatami Sport Tile 20mm is a high quality, long-lasting, non-toxic gym flooring solution. These tatami tiles are made from high-density, waterproof EVA foam that outlasts every day use. Tatami foam is designed to provide enough cushion to be protective under falls and hard-hitting actions but supportive enough that it won't deter free movement. At the same time, the tatami foam surface helps prevent slipping while remaining easy on the skin.

Tatami foam tiles are 20mm thick and are made with non-toxic, lead free foam. Tatami tiles come in two different reversible colors: red/blue, black/grey. To install tatami foam tiles, simply connect tiles together by the intuitive, puzzle-piece like connecting system. Not only are tatami tiles easy to put down and take up, but at only 1.9 pounds each, they are a breeze to transport as well. Tatami foam tiles make creating a beautiful looking, functional foam floor a piece of cake.

Tatami foam tiles can be cleaned with only a damp mop and a household cleaner (bleach should be avoided).

So how exactly are customers using the Home Tatami Sport Tile 20 mm? Read on to find out the top seven ways in which customers are purposing these tatami foam tiles and what those users have to say about them. You may even discover a few unexpected pro-tips along the way.

Top 7 Uses

1. Garage Studios

''I called to discuss the best option for my garage/studio. The rep was very helpful in terms of material choice and quantity. It shipped very fast, and was super easy to install. The tatami feels great. I am tremendously satisfied.''
- Jim, Glendale, CA

2. Special Needs Play Areas

''We just installed the 7/8'' tatami tiles in a private special needs school, we adhered to the wall and the posts. Great product! This room is designed as a play area, with support for all types of future equipment, suspended or wall mounted. The ladder rungs progress with the same color scheme as the karate belts challenging progression to achievement of ''black belt''. We covered the floor, lower walls and posts with interlocking foam pads for protection.''
- MacLeod Construction Inc., PA

3. Workout Spaces

''Best purchase I could have made. I installed in my basement on concrete floor and its great for workouts.''
- Andrew, Aldie, VA

''Very nice mats. Using them on a concrete floor for a workout area. Arrived 4 days after my order was placed and very easy to install. Been using for a month and absolutely no signs of wear.''
- Barry, Wildwood, MO

4. Karate

''My whole family is very satisfied with this product. We train in Karate (Tang Soo Do) and these mats perform very well. Now the sure positives include the outstanding quality, ease of installation, looks, and water resistance (a slight issue in my garage in rainy season). I truly believe these mats are going to last a long time. My only complaint is that the surface is slightly slick due to it being water resistant, which is noticed on certain forward stances. However, this is not enough to remove a star as you must simply pay mind to keep your stance secure as you train, which I view as a positive bonus. Lastly, I'm extremely satisfied with doing business with The ordering experience was excellent and I got my mats right on time. I will definitely be coming back here when I decide to do the other half of my garage!''
- Jared, Bartlesville, OK

5. Thai Boxing Spaces

''I use these when practicing Thai Boxing, and it works well: not slippery, not too firm, not too soft, and easy to clean. An excellent product.''
- Alex, Chappaqua, NY

6. Grappling/Jiu Jitsu Spaces

''Got it for jiujitsu and jiujitsu-oriented floor exercise. VERY happy with it. Great product. Thick and sturdy. Looks great. Price was great. Fast and free shipping. Overall super satisfied. One word of caution. if you have a little pet like a kitten that likes to claw and bite things either keep it off the mat or prepare to have little pin hole bite marks and scratches on your brand new mat. It's really upsetting, just saying. Aesthetically, not pet proof. Otherwise the mat and the deal was great.''
- Pavel, Brooklyn, NY

7. Kid-Friendly Floors

''I was so excited when my mats came. I love the thickness and durability of them. I was surprised at how easy they were to set up. When I'm not fitting a workout in, the kids are using the mats as a dance floor. Thank you Greatmats!!!''
- Julie, Hilton, NY

Want to read more customer reviews? Check out the Home Tatami Sport Tile 20mm product page on There you can also discover some of Greatmats' other tatami foam products. Need help designing a home gym floor space? Curious about volume discounts? Whatever the question may be, Greatmats� excellent customer service team is ready to help you out.

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