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How well does EVA Foam Flooring Insulate vs. Rubber Tiles Temperature Check

Date Published: 04-15 - 2021

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If you’ve ever wondered how well EVA foam or rubber flooring does to insulate against cold, you’ll want to see this comparison. We tested three products on a concrete basement floor next to a sliding glass patio door on days when outside temperatures were well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of the concrete was just above 40 degrees directly next to the door and gradually increased as we moved away from the door. We placed single 2x2 foot tiles next to the door and gave them 24 hours to acclimate to the location before running the test.

The first product tested was Greatmats 1.5 inch thick EVA foam Grappling MMA Mats and the surface of the thick EVA foam mats tested anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees warmer than the concrete.

Next we tested the 10mm thick (approximately .39 inches) EVA foam Home Gym Flooring Tile, which is a more dense foam than the grappling mats. It’s surface temperature tested between 4-5 degrees warmer than the concrete.
Our third product to test was a 1.5 inch thick rubber tile with a raised base. It also found a surface temperature that was 4-5 degrees warmer than the concrete subfloor.

Some things to keep in mind about this test:
The air temperature in the room was 60 degrees.

The rest of the flooring surrounding these tiles was bare concrete.

The EVA foam tiles are flat bottomed, leaving more contact with the concrete.

The rubber tile has a raised platform underside that allows for an air barrier
The EVA foam material feels much warmer to the touch as its surface temperature adjusts quickly to the temperature of your skin.

The harder rubber material feels cooler to the touch and does not adjust to your skin temperature as quickly, due to the density and composition of the material.

While this is not an official laboratory test on insulation, you can see that eva foam material does an excellent job of insulating against cold concrete no matter how thick. Obviously, the thicker the foam, the more insulation you’ll get.
Rubber does also insulate, just not to as high of a degree.

We hope you enjoyed this unofficial test.
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