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Comparing Dog Agility Flooring Options - Foam and Rubber Greatmats

Date Published: 11-20 - 2020

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Let’s compare indoor dog agility flooring.

Dog agility flooring is designed to provide a safe place to train and compete in dog agility that will offer both traction and cushion.

Today we’ll compare three of Greatmats most popular dog agility flooring solutions - Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles, Dog Agility Rubber Top Foam Bottom, and Foam Mat Economy ½ inch. All include EVA foam, which has been tested and approved time and time again to provide the best cushion of dog agility. The main differences will come in thickness and durability.

The big advantage of the dog agility mats is the fact that the felt-like surface is very gentle on the dogs’ feet. It provides excellent traction and will give way to aggressive claws, preventing injury without affecting the performance of the flooring.

The economy foam mats have a thatch textured surface on top, but you can get a surface very similar to the dog agility mats at half the price by simply flipping the economy mats over and using the underside as the surface.

If the look of dog nail punctures is a concern, Greatmats rubber topped and foam bottom option is the best solution. By putting a layer of rolled rubber overtop of a layer of foam, there is still cushion and the rubber will resist puncturing while still offering excellent traction. Just keep in mind the multiple layers and materials will be reflected in the price, running about a dollar more per square foot than the dog agility mats.

Economy foam mats will be the thinnest option at ½ inch. The dog agility mats offer an extra ¼ inch of cushion, coming in at ¾ inch thick and offer the most cushion. While the rubber topped option is just slightly thicker than the dog agility mats, the rubber really doesn’t add much in terms of cushion, in fact by being the top layer, the rubber will actually make this option firmer than the ½ inch foam.

The installation process for both of the foam-only options is a simple as pushing jigsaw puzzle pieces together.

A little more goes into the installation of the rubber topped dog agility flooring as you’re now added a second layer that is significantly heavier and will need to be either taped or glued down.

Lastly is the color. Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles will give you three color options with blue, green and black. Foam Mat Economy ½ Inch tiles are available in blue, black and gray. And the rubber top foam bottom dog agility flooring is black when finished.

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