Box Jumps: Greatmats Fitness Training Series, Part 4

By Greatmats Staff Created: June, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

Let's talk about the box jump. This can be intimidating at first so you may want to start at a low height and work your way up.

Sterling athletic sound tiles are great for this type of exercise as they absorb some of the impact from doing box jumps.

When you're ready to do the box jump make sure you are close enough to jump on the box instead of to the box.

Jump or step up on to the box and then stand up straight.

When going back down, stepping down will be easier on your achilles.

Box Jump Mats

Box Jump Mats
What makes box jumps unique is the fact that you are jumping, sometimes quite high. This is great for creating quick and explosive muscles, but the landings from coming back down off the box can be hard on bones on joints without the proper box jump mats in place.

To make sure you are not putting undue stress on your bones and joint, make sure you have a firm surface to jump off off that's does not take away any of your energy, yet offers enough give on the landings to absorb impact and reduce shock to the body. As Dale mentions in the video, the sterling tiles do just that. Greatmats also has other rubber gym flooring options the work well for this application, such as plyometric rubber rolls and other styles of interlocking rubber or PVC gym tiles with a shock absorbing support structure on the bottoms of the tiles.
Dale Collison
CrossFit Duluth
Hermantown MN