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Setting BJJ Records: Greatmats Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros Series

Date Published: 06-30 - 2017

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7-time Jiu Jitsu World Champion Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros reflects back and setting two records in his 18-second submission victory over Roberto 'Roleta' Magalhaes in the 1999 IBJJF Absolute Black Belt World Championship match.


The goal wasn’t to set any record. It was my first tournament as a black belt. I had lost in my division, and I spent my whole day asking my coaches to allow me to go to the open class. I was super well trained.
Like I said, sometimes you’re well trained and you end up losing your fight. So losing this fight in my division and they trust me and they allow me to go and compete in the open division.
I had talked with my coach about doing that foot lock and he looked at me and said Dude. Just do it if you are 100 percent sure you are going to finish. Don’t just go for go. Ok sure, yeah, I will not play around. I know how important this is. I know I’m far enough just to be in the final but I do want this title. And I remember to see his leg moving slow motion and I see with the corner of my eye when his foot was here, and I could almost not believe because it was the opening I was hoping for…..
The truth is we’re going to take whatever our opponent gives to us. When I saw the foot coming, I was lucky enough and precise enough to lock tight and everything turned out perfectly. I positioned my body perfectly. Roletta was an outstanding fighter. He was many time world champion as a black belt. He was in the final of the absolute in the previous year. He not easily tap on the foot lock, but the adjustment on the foot lock was so good that I ended up having him tap. I just realized that I had set the record afterwards - a long time afterwards. We didn’t really think about it until sometime later when you start to reflect. Dude Nobody never submitted Nobody in an absolute final and who was the fastest submission in a black belt final and then we realized that we had done that. So it was a cool record to have.

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