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Comparing Smooth MMA Mats - Puzzle, Folding & Traditional Mats

Date Published: 03-24 - 2017

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Let’s compare smooth MMA mats.

These professional quality martial arts mats are designed to provide a safe and comfortable training surface for martial arts of all kinds.

Greatmats offers MMA mats of varying sizes, thicknesses, densities, materials and surface textures. Today we’ll focus on Greatmats three most popular MMA mats - MMA Mats Smooth 1x2 meter 2 inch, Gym Mats 5x10 ft x 2 inch and Grappling MMA Mats 1-⅝ Inch with tatami surface.

Each of these mats utilize a different foam core. Traditional Smooth MMA Mats have a polyurethane core covered in high quality vinyl wrap with a rubber anti-skid bottom. Folding Gym Mats offer a polyethylene foam core covered in vinyl. Our Grappling MMA puzzle mats are made of a high density EVA/PE foam. All are easy to clean and disinfect with common floor cleaners.

The MMA puzzle mats are double side, double colored and reversible, while the vinyl covered tatami surface options will be more durable for use with footwear.

Although the interlocking puzzle mats do have a tatami texture, the material is quite soft and the easiest on the skin as the surface texture is designed to prevent skin burns, and is less likely to become slippery when wet.

Our MMA mats range from 1 5/8 to 2 inches thick. As a general rule, the thicker the mat, the better cushion and protection it provides for falls, but hardness and density does play a role in fall protection. The 1 ⅝ inch thick Grappling MMA Mats are the only mats to be tested for critical fall height and features a 4 foot ASTM fall height rating.

Our Grappling MMA Mats are the smallest option at 3.3x3.3 feet per tile. They connect together tightly using a puzzle style interlocking system and can be easily installed to fit any size or shape of training space by cutting the mats with a sharp utility knife.

Double that size at 1x2 meters are the Traditional Smooth MMA Mats, which are approximately 3.3x6.6 feet in size. These mats have straight sides and do not connect together. The weight of the mats, combined with the anti-skid bottom, helps to keep the mats in place. To be completely sure they do not shift, the mats should be framed in.

At 5 x10 feet in size, our folding gym crash mats cover the most area per mat and can be connected together quickly via the hook and loop connectors that are featured on all four sides of these folding mats. These mats also work well as wall padding.

Grappling MMA mats are the lightest weight at about 9 pounds per tile. 5x10 foot folding mats are next at 36 pounds per mat and 1x2 meter judo tatami mats weigh 40 pounds each.

The 1x2 meter Smooth MMA Mats, grip well to carpeting while the reversible Grappling MMA mats and the 5x10 foot gym folding mats are more likely to slide, especially as smaller island installations.

Greatmats stocks all three of these quality MMA mats for fast shipping.

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