Cloud Nine Training School on Greatmats Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles

04-08 - 2019

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After 18 years, Cloud Nine Training School for Dogs owner Dawn Falk upgraded her Maple Grove facility with Greatmats Dog agility mats interlocking tiles.

Cloud Nine trains in obedience, agility, scent work, conformation, puppy socializing among other areas.

Covering around 11,000 square feet, Falk was looking for the best surface for dog agility that was lightweight and offered good value chose Greatmats Dog Agility Mats.

The mats can be easily replaced if damaged and flipped, for a brand new floor whenever she desired.

After using the mats for a year, Falk says, “I like how comfortable they are and how easily they clean up. Also like how easy they were to lay.”