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Greatmats at Brookings TaeKwonDo - Customer Story

Date Published: 12-20 - 2022

Brookings Tae Kwon Do head instructor Mark Anawski uses Greatmats 20 mm thick Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Mats for his tournaments and 1” thick martial Arts Karate Mats in his dojang.
About his tournament mats he says, “I can take them and travel with them - take a stack in the back of my truck. It takes a few minutes to set up and take down. They're lightweight. They're perfect for that.''
“And for the dojang mat setup, he says, “It looks incredible. They're so nice, and the transition colors that I love.”
“It is exactly what we need. I've been at different school with mats, and these mats are so comfortable and they clean so well. ... From start to finish they've been fantastic. They hold up really well against stains.”
For extra fall protection for hapkido and judo throws, he added Greatmats 2 inch thick 4x10 foot folding gym mats.
Speaking about the folding mats he says, “Those are incredible. The value and the quality, they're outstanding.”
“The quality of the mats is beyond impressive. They were everything we wanted, and then some.”
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