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Best Outdoor Tile For Hot Weather - Direct Sunlight Temperature Comparison

Date Published: 09-16 - 2022

When looking for the best outdoor tile for hot weather, it's important to consider how hot the tiles will get when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
In this video we'll compare a few different outdoor floor tiles that have been left in the sun for just over 4 hours on an 83 degree day in west central Wisconsin. To attempt to keep things fair, all tiles are gray in color. However, the material and design of the tiles are different.
This unofficial test revealed the raised and perforated PVC flooring resisted heating up in the sun much better than dense rubber pavers. All temperature measurements were performed using an infrared thermometer
The products tested were:
Staylock Tile Perforated (PVC) - Max Temperature of 99.8 degrees
Patio Outdoor Tiles (PVC) - Max Temperature of 105.2 degrees
Sterling Roof Top Tile (Rubber) - Max Temperature of 141 degrees Fahrenheit
On a side note, we also tested various colors of the PVC products and found the blue Staylock Tile to register the coolest temperature at 87 degrees.
The coolest color for the Patio Outdoor Tile was tan at 98.4 degrees.
Keep this in mind next time you're looking for flooring for your deck, patio, rooftop or pool surround. All three products can be installed over rubber roof membranes, wood decks, concrete patios and more.

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