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Basketball Dribble Test For Outdoor Tiles Over Grass

Date Published: 10-03 - 2022

Building a temporary basketball court over grass can be a very challenging task. The first challenge is finding flooring that is suitable to be installed over grass. Then once you do, you need to make sure that you can still dribble on basketball on it. Thirdly, if the ball does bounce, will the bounce be true? or will the surface cause irregular bounces.

In this video you'll see that we tested three of our most popular outdoor tiles that can be installed over grass to see if you could bounce a basketball on them with that type of installation.

The products tested were:
Patio Outdoor Tile - https://www.greatmats.com/tiles/interlocking-patio-tiles.php
Portable Outdoor and Tent Tile - https://www.greatmats.com/portable-floor/portable-floor-outdoor-tent-tile.php
Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian Composite Mat - https://www.greatmats.com/ground-protection-mats/matrax-light-duty-pedestrian-mats-4x4-grey.php

As you can see the fact that the grass surface is somewhat uneven and the grass does limit the contact each flooring system has with the ground, it did create some challenges in dribbling the basketball.

While it wasn't perfect, the top performer in this test was the Matrax Light Duty Pedestrian Mats. These modular ground protection mats are 4x4 feet in size and lock tightly together. They are the largest and thickest (1.5 inch) product in the test.


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