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Aerobics Flooring - Aerobic Floor Pro Tile

Date Published: 11-18 - 2015

These interlocking aerobic floor tiles are specifically designed to provide the optimal support and cushion for aerobics activities and are popular with Jazzercise studios. http://www.greatmats.com/flooring/aerobic-flooring-tile-mat.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=fbproductvideo&utm_campaign=aerobicprotile

At a convenient 1x1 meter size, Aerobic Floor Pro tiles are easy to install over any hard flat surface.

The durable, smooth, leather-textured surface is designed to handle athletic footwear while giving your aerobics studio a marble floor look.

Installation is easy. Simply connect the tiles together like a puzzle and cut the to fit with using a sharp utility knife.

These closed cell EVA foam and rubber blended tiles will not absorb moisture and are easy to keep clean with a damp mop.

Aerobic Floor Pro mats are shipped via freight delivery.

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