4x6 Rubber Mats for Gym Floors and Horse Stalls - 34 inch Sundance mats

06-07 - 2016

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Today we’re going to talk about Straight Edge Sundance 4x6 foot rubber mats that have a 3/4 inch thickness.

These horse stall mats and weight room mats provide excellent impact absorption, limiting fatigue for large animals and protecting subfloors against falling weights.

They also offer sound and thermal insulation, adding comfort to any facility with an otherwise cold, hard floor.

The punter top surface texture prevents slips while the groove underside prevents the trapping of moisture beneath the rubber floor mats.

These mats are made of recycled rubber material and weight about 100 pounds each.

The weight and non-slip material help prevent shifting under heavy use.

Greatmats Straight Edge Punter Top Standard 4x6 foot rubber mats carry a 10 year warranty.

This product ships via freight delivery to your location.

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(This product has a new name of Sundance Mat 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard)