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2016 Greatmats National Gymnastics Coach of the Year Nominee Andreea Toth

Date Published: 11-14 - 2016

“Coach Andreea has a wonderful way of encouraging kids to do their best without pushing them beyond their capabilities. She has nurtured a unique relationship with each gymnast on her team whether they are recovering from injuries, afraid of a particular skill, or whizzing through the skills and ready to go to the next level. There is a level of trust and commitment that enables Andreea to discern what each gymnast needs and inspire them to give their best efforts. She is extremely hard-working and teaches that same work ethic to our kids. Her coaching has instilled in them the discipline, attitude, and sense of teamwork that is required to succeed in their goals and develop their full potential. Andreea is highly dedicated and, as early-birds will attest, she routinely puts extra effort into setup and planning. This professionalism is apparent for coaching the level 7 team, teaching fundamentals to level 3 gymnasts, or interacting in a mommy-and-me class. It is a joy to watch this one-of-a-kind coach interact with our girls and impart a love of gymnastics to all of her charges. Our 9- to 13-year-olds particularly enjoy when Andreea shares stories of her life growing up as a young gymnast in Romania or gets right out on the floor to help them learn new choreography. From our point of view, Andreea truly epitomizes the definition of a great coach and we are so thankful to have her coaching our daughters! Long after our kids have grown, she will continue to be a role model to them, showing that hard work, integrity, and dedication can truly build success in gymnastics and in life.”

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