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Outdoor Flooring - Rubber Deck, Patio & Rooftop Tiles & Astro Turf
Outdoor flooring is available in rubber, artificial grass & plastic for deck, patio & rooftop commercial & home over grass or hard surfaces purposes. View our products now.
LonMat XL Vinyl Rolls 8 x 40 Ft
LonMat® XL by Lonseal® electrically insulated surface to protect from electrocution, fire retardant. Only available in 8 ft width and Green Marble
Commercial, Warehouse & Industrial Fatigue Floor, Rubber Mats & Sheets
Greatmats offers all types of industrial, warehouse, commercial and rooftop rubber, vinyl, carpet and plastic flooring and mat options. Check out our selection now.
Faux Stone Floor Tiles - Vinyl, Laminate & More
Find stone look flooring tiles of a variety of materials including vinyl, PVC, rubber and foam.
Interlocking Modular Flooring & Tiles, Home Vinyl, PVC & Carpet
Find a large selection of modular floor tiles in plastic, vinyl or carpet top options. These easy DIY snap together tiles work for home, gym or court floors. Buy now.
Playground Swing Set Mat Earth 32x54 x 2 Inch
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 6 reviews -  $102.12
Greatmats offer earth-toned playground swing set mats that are durable and made from 100% recycled rubber. Improve playground safety with swing set mats.
Outdoor Court Tile XT3 1/2 Inch x 1x1 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 4.5  - 5 reviews -  $6.26
Outdoor court tile XT3 is made from durable polypropylene material for outdoor use. Use this court flooring tile option for basketball and tennis courts. Learn more.
ECleaner Low Foam All Purpose 1 Gal.
E-Cleaner Low Foam All Purpose floor cleaner is designed for use with all Greatmats rubber and vinyl surfacing products. It is available in a 1 gallon container. Shop now.
Pool Surrounds - Hot Tub Deck Tiles and Mats
Pool surrounds topped with fast draining and slip resistant wet surface matting or tiles add safety and comfort to swimming pool decks and hot tub areas. Shop now?
PVC & Polypropylene Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles
Plastic flooring is a versatile selection that can be used for many specialty requirements in commercial & home installations. We have both soft & flexible options.
Perforated Tiles for Drainage on Patios, Decks, Garages and More
Find Perforated Floor Tiles for outdoor areas such as decks and patios made of plastic or rubber that allow for fast drainage in wet spaces.
Edge Reducer/Transition Black 3/8 Inch x 12 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 1 review -  $59.34
The Edge Reducer/Transition piece is available in 12 foot lengths, and you can use it as a transition from 3/8-inch thick tiles to floor. View its features here.
LonCoin II Commercial Vinyl Rolls 6x60 Ft
Use LonCon II for your commercial flooring need. This commercial sheet vinyl flooring has an embossed and slightly textured coin top surface.
Interlocking Patio Tiles: Rubber, PVC, Perforated Tiles for Drainage
Greatmats offers more than 40 designs of interlocking outdoor deck & patio tiles, including commercial grade, perforated & many more options. Shop now.
SupraTile T-Joint Textured Black / Grays 6.5 mm x 20x20 Inches
SupraTile 6.5mm T-Joint 20 x20 inch industrial strength floor tile with textured surface. Heavy duty and durable for auto shops and warehouses.
Eureka Rubber Gym Tiles 90% Color 8 mm x 23x23 Inch
Eureka high color interlocking rubber flooring tiles are available as 23x23 inch. Use Eureka rubber flooring tiles in high color for high end gym floors.
Outdoor Sport Court Tiles for Basketball, Inline Hockey & more
Outdoor Sports Tiles offer excellent performance even after rain and direct sun exposure. Shop exterior sport court floor tiles Tennis, Gaga Ball, Pickleball and more now.
Sterling Playground Tile Blue/Gray/Brown 3.25 Inch x 2x2 Ft.
Commercial quality Sterling Playground Tile 3.25 inch interlocking rubber tiles. Colorful rubber playground tiles feature a 6 ft fall height rating.
Interlocking Sports Tiles, Rolls & Turf: Gym & Indoor & Outdoor Courts
Find outdoor sports tiles for basketball or tennis courts here. Greatmats offers any high-quality DIY flooring options for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Shop now.
Waterhog Border Ramp 18 inch
Waterhog Modular Tiles Square Side Border for high traffic areas. Modular indoor outdoor entrance tiles are anti-static, stain resistant, and fast drying.
Raised & Modular Floor Tiles: Garage, Basement, Gym & Portable Dance
Raised floor tiles are a great solution for basement floors. Use these modular tiles to raise your finished flooring material up off the ground. Shop our products now.
Survivor Rubber Tile Interlocking Biggie Smallz 20% Color 3/8 Inch x 2x2 Ft.
Survivor Rubber Tile Interlocking 2x2 Ft x 3/8 Inch Biggie Smallz 20% Color come in a combination of big EPDM color chips and regular EPDM color chips. Made in the USA.
Survivor Rubber Tile Interlocking Biggie Smallz 20% Color 1/4 Inch x 2x2 Ft.
Survivor Rubber Tile Interlocking Biggie Smallz 20% Color 1/4 Inch x 2x2 Ft. come in a combination of big EPDM color chips and regular EPDM color chips. Made in the USA.
Interlocking Floor Mats - Rubber & Foam Tiles for Gyms & Garages
Find rubber & foam interlocking tile flooring & mats - perfect for you next DIY project. Use them in basements, garages & gyms. Check out our whole collection now.
Diamond Plate Floor Tile Colors 8 tiles 5 mm x 20.5x20.5 Inches
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 1 review -  $91.17
Workshop flooring tile is available in a variety of appealing colors. Use this PVC diamond plate workshop flooring tile in the garage or around the home.
Home Flooring for Gym, Kids, Basement, Garage & Patio
Find flooring for home use, including basement, kids room, garages & outdoor pool, deck and patio floors. Shop our interlocking, rubber & carpet products now.
Rolled Rubber Pacific 1/8 Inch Black Per SF
Rolled Rubber Black 1/8 Inch Pacific Per SF is a high quality, long lasting rolled rubber flooring. Made in the USA, easy to install premium recycled rubber flooring.
Gaga Ball Pit Flooring & Tiles: Create Your Ideal Outdoor Floor
Gaga is a fun, fast-paced game. To create the right ball pit flooring, you need the right type of interlocking tiles for your outdoor space. View your options.
SupraTile T-Joint Coin Colors 4.5 mm x 20x20 Inches
PVC coin top SupraTile 4.5 mm is available with industrial durability. Use PVC coin top SupraTile 4.5 mm floor tiles for warehouse and garage floors.
Floor Tiles for Home & Commercial, Indoor and Outdoor
Our floor tiles are available in rubber, foam, carpet, plastic & vinyl materials. Use our flooring for a variety of home, athletic & commercial uses. Click now to buy.
Wearwell ErgoDeck HD Solid Black 18 x 18 Inch Tile
Wearwell ErgoDeck Heavy Duty Solid 18x18 Inch tiles provides a stable, solid, and resilient foundation underfoot. Provides fatigue relief.
LonCoin II Flecks Topseal Vinyl Rolls 6 x 60 Ft
Lonseal® LonCoin® II Flecks Topseal vinyl flooring is versatile flooring for a variety of uses. Has a 15-micron wear layer for a longer lasting surface.
Waterhog Corner Ramp 18x18 inch
Waterhog Modular Tiles Square Corner for high traffic areas. Modular indoor outdoor entrance tiles are anti-static, stain resistant, and fast drying.
Sundance Horse Stall Mat Kit Black 3/4 Inch x 14x14 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 5  - 2 reviews -  $990.72
Horse stall mat kit in 14x14 ft size is available for immediate shipment. Use equine stall mat kits for horse stalls, stables and horse barns.
Vario Floor Tape 2 Inch Wide x 36 Yards
Vario Marley Dance Floor Tape 2 Inch Wide x 36 yards is available in many color options. Designed for semi-permanent or temporary installations on any hard flat surface.
Envee Rigid Core LVP Laminate Planks 48 in x 7 in Carton of 8
Rigid Core LVP Laminate Planks 48 in x 7 in Carton of 8 are easy to cut and install, come in a variety of colors. They have a wear layer of 20 mil thick.
LonCourt UV Vinyl Rolls 6 x 50 Ft
LonCourt® UV combines strength ease to maintain and less refinishing needed because of factory applied finish.
Mega Lock Rubber Tile Black 3/4 Inch x 30x30 Inches
Star Rating Image Rating: 3  - 1 review -  $31.14
Use Mega Lock interlocking rubber tiles for your athletic or work areas. Durable rubber interlocking tiles for floor protection, sound reduction and traction.
Ring Mat for Equine 5/8 Inch x 3x3 Ft.
Star Rating Image Rating: 4.5  - 6 reviews -  $35.93
Find rubber ring mats with holes for animal areas, black 3x3 durable rubber mats for equine, kennels and stall areas. Use rubber ring mats indoors and outdoors.