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Modular Interlocking Plastic Slate Floor Tiles - Soft and Flexible

By Paige Cerulli Created: July, 2017 - Modified: April, 2023

Artificial slate tiles offer many advantages over traditional slate. These tiles offer the same upscale look as slate, but plastic slate tiles are highly durable. Thick and tough, these tiles can withstand constant use, spills, and other demands.

While these interlocking slate floor tiles may look real, they’re much lighter than real slate, which makes them easier to carry and install. They aren’t as cold as real slate, and they’re more forgiving in the event of a trip or a fall. The tiles are flexible and waterproof, so you can use them in areas like basements, entryways, and more.

These tiles also offer significant benefits when it comes to installation. You can install them entirely by yourself, and their hidden interlocking design system creates a seamless look. If needed, you can pull the tiles up and reinstall them.

These tiles are backed by a five-year warranty.

Uses for Plastic Slate Tiles

Durable, waterproof, and easy to install, these pvc slate tiles are highly versatile. You can use them for many different applications:
  • Basements – Because the tiles are waterproof, they’re ideal for basements that might have moisture issues.

  • Entryways – Highly durable, these plastic slate tiles can withstand heavy traffic and mud, dirt, and snow. Cleaning them is easy – just mop them up.

  • Laundry rooms – These tiles won’t absorb water, so they’re ideal for laundry rooms. They’re also strong enough to support your washer and dryer.

  • Workshops – HiddenLock Slate Tiles are durable and strong enough to support woodworking equipment and heavy use.

  • Commercial entrances – These tiles can give your business a beautiful appearance, while being durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

  • Events – The tiles are easy to assemble and disassemble, so they can give your trade show booth a beautiful appearance.

Installing Interlocking Slate Floor Tiles

Greatmats’ HiddenLock Slate Floor Tiles are easy to install, and you can perform the entire installation yourself. These tiles measure 12 x 12 inches, so they’re compact and easy to carry into your home. They’re also lightweight and easy to handle to make the installation simpler and faster.

When installing these tiles, you’ll want to start in one corner of the area and work your way out. Attach one tile at a time by aligning the seams and pressing down until they lock together.

If needed, you can cut these tiles to fit up against a wall or to fit around other obstacles, like support poles. Use a sharp utility knife to repeatedly score each tile, gradually working your way through the surface. If you’re making a straight cut, then use a straight edge to guide your cuts.

These tiles don’t require any adhesive or underlayment. They will conform to minor imperfections in the subfloor, and they don’t require any specialty underlayment. Your subfloor won't need to be perfectly level, and these tiles will flex slightly to match the subfloor’s contours.

Because the tiles are just ¼ inch tall, there’s no need to worry about them building up your flooring so high that a door can’t swing freely over it. They also don’t create a tripping hazard.

Since there’s no adhesive required, you can remove some or all of these tiles again in the future. You might choose to do this to let a flooded basement dry out, and you can then reinstall the tiles. Alternatively, you can relocate the tiles if you’d like.

Note: This product is discontinued. For a similar product, view the Slate Floor Tiles product which is available in more color options.

Do Plastic Slate Floors Scratch Easily?

Greatmats’ pvc slate floor tiles are designed to be highly durable and are intended for use in cellars and entryways, which may see significant traffic. These tiles don’t scratch easily and will withstand significant foot traffic without showing signs of wear. They have a high-quality finish to resist scratching.

Are Interlocking Slate Tiles More or Less Expensive Than Real Slate?

When priced out by the foot, slate plastic tiles cost about the same as real slate tiles. Remember, though, that the initial tile purchase cost isn’t the only expense you’ll face. Installing real slate tiles requires additional supplies, and if you hire a professional to handle the installation, the cost can increase.

With modular slate floor tiles, you can complete the installation entirely by yourself. If you want to be able to cut the tiles, you’ll need a sharp utility knife and a straight edge – but aside from that, you won’t need extra tools for installation. While plastic slate tiles might have a similar initial cost as real slate, you can save significant money by completing the installation yourself - and have a much more comfortable floor.

Are artificial slate tiles hard to maintain?

One of the major benefits of pvc slate tiles is that they’re actually very easy to maintain. The tiles are durable, so they retain their beautiful appearance. When you do need to clean them, you can damp mop them with water and a household floor cleaner.

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