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Portable Dance Floor Tiles and Marley Rolls for Events

Snap together portable wooden look tiles and marley vinyl rolls for events and staging

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Portable Dance Flooring and Tiles

With Greatmats Max Tile, customers appreciate the ease of assembly they receive with our portable dance floor tile. Installation of this style of portable dancefloor over almost any type of subfloor goes quickly. Some customers will look to place the modular dance floor over a hard surface or even over carpeting with low pile for an indoor installation. When working outdoors, our temporary dance floor can be placed over the Greatmats portable outdoor flooring 1-by-1-foot tiles. This type of tile allows for air and water flow underneath, which works well in an outdoor setting.

Versus other portable floors, our snap together tiles provide a high level of durability, using a top layer of commercial grade vinyl. Our portable dance floors for sale have a nice value for customers, as they will last a long time and maintain a like-new look with a minimum amount of maintenance. The flooring has an attractive finish as well, featuring many different styles of wood grain finishes, meaning this Max Tile style of flooring is appropriate to use in nearly any setting.

For locations where the subfloor isn’t appropriate for dancing, this portable dance floor product is a smart choice. As long as the subfloor contains a sturdy, flat surface, it’ll provide the base required for our dance floor tiles. Customers can add black border edging to the dance tiles for a finished look. The border serves as a ramped edge to prevent tripping too.

How much does a portable dance floor cost?
The cost for a portable dance floor can range between $2.00 and $6.25 per SF depending on the material desired and the subfloor surfacing. Depending on the installation type, for a studio dance floor or for a banquet portable dance floor. For a dance studio in home or professional, then a marley portable dance flooring sheet vinyl is the most common flooring option, the cost is about 2.00 per SF. For an event center or banquet hall or hotel portable dance floor the Greatmats modular floor tiles are the best option and the cost for this type of portable dance floor ranges from $3.95 to $6.25 per SF.

Portable Dance Floor for Weddings and Events

One of the easiest and most secure portable dance flooring installation options is the Portable Dance Panels with Cam Lock from Greatmats. Each piece uses Cam Locks, which guarantees a tight fit between adjacent dance floor tiles. Assembly of this type of Cam Lock temporary dance floor is far easier than flooring that connects with tiny screws that are tough to handle.

Cam Lock dance floors have a design that resembles a permanent floor, which looks great, but it still provides all of the benefits of a temporary floor. The vinyl surface of the flooring is attractive enough to use in any situation, yet the plywood section in the core has a high level of stability.

Our portable marley dance
provides a safe and sturdy surface for all kinds of dance practice or performances, including ballet, tap, clogging, hip hop, and modern dance. Regardless of whether the dancers will be using hard-sole or soft-sole shoes, our portable dance flooring will deliver the level of durability required.

Many of our customers choose to take our Reversible Marley Dance Floor with them for performances, as it rolls up for easy transportation. Installation at the new location just requires the use of vinyl tape on the edges, which keeps the flooring in place when it’s under stress. Quickly transform any surface into a removable dance floor with this roll of flooring. Whether holding a performance in a dance studio, a school auditorium, a theater, or other building, our roll up dance flooring creates a safe flooring option for dancers.

Want to add a splash of color to your temporary dance floor? Consider the Flat Top Court Floor Tiles. These modular dance floors for sale tiles snap together portable floor with an interlocking loop and tab design which is specifically made for repeated installations. These modular dance floor tiles feature a tight fit for a secure, solid dance floor. Available in a variety of bright colors, you can even order these tiles in custom colors, which provides a great branding opportunity for a dance team or business.

These modular connect together tiles are designed for portable and fast installation. You can install them over carpeting if needed. To install the tiles for sale, you only need to align the locking system, then gently step on the top tile to engage the lock. You can assemble the entire dance floor without any tools. With no tools or adhesive to worry about forgetting at home, this is a great benefit for the traveling performer.

Can portable dance flooring be used outside?

Yes, many of our dance floor tiles and rolls can accommodate both indoor and outdoor use. Our 1x1 ft snap together modular dance floor tiles are particularly suitable for outdoor use on a temporary basis. Snap together tile floors are built on a plastic base, which allows air and moisture to circulate under the tiles. Modular dance floors should not be installed outside on a permanent basis.

How difficult are the portable dance floors to install?

Because these dance floors are created to be easily portable, they're designed to withstand repeated installations and to make installation easy. The exact installation method will depend on the floor that you select. Our marley flooring can be unrolled and taped down for a temporary installation. We also offer snap together tiles with a variety of different fastening systems. Some of our tiles have a Cam Lock system, while others have a tab and loop design. The tiles take just a few minutes to install, and will hold together securely until you're ready to separate the tiles and pack up the dance floor.

Is edging available to create a finished floor?

Yes, the snap together tiles and the dance floor panels both have a ramped edge option.

I'm looking for a modular dance flooring for a party. What if someone spills a drink or food?

We understand that accidents happen, and that's why many of our dance floors are designed to withstand the wear and tear that you would see at a party. Our vinyl surface dance floor tiles are waterproof, so they're easy to clean and are very durable. Additionally, our portable modular dance floor tiles feature a premium vinyl sheet surface which offers durable, long-lasting protection.

Portable Dance Floors for Sale as Kits

Practicing tap dancing or clogging on the wrong kind of flooring can be a frustrating process. Dancers don’t receive the desired audible feedback from their tap shoes when practicing on the wrong kind of floor. And when students are practicing tap dancing at home, working out on hardwood floors in the home potentially could cause scuff marks and other damage on the flooring.

Greatmats offers a smart alternative in its tap dance floor kit, which delivers a perfectly sized finished area for tap dancing and clogging, while maintaining our value-based portable dance floor prices. Our removable dance floor kit is easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing it to be used over and over and placed in storage between practice sessions. Because the kit is a Made in America product, count on the materials we’ve used to last a long time.

Each kit consists of nine 1-by-1-foot squares in a dance floor system. The commercial grade vinyl surface atop a plastic base deliver the satisfying click sounds in a portable dance floor specifically made for tap shoes. These tiles are the perfect size for transporting, so students can practice tap dancing or clogging at any location.

Stage floors in a theater setting are used for many different events. At a school, the stage floor may need to support the weight of risers for a choir performance, or it may need to hold up under the stress of heavy scenery for a play. In these use cases, having a dance floor on the surface probably wouldn’t be the best choice, as it could become damaged from the equipment.

However, when the stage floor is going to host a dance recital or a musical performance, having a dedicated dance floor is important to the quality of the performance. Greatmats offers vinyl theater flooring rolls that do not have any glare in the material, which makes them a perfect option for a theater stage floor.

Often times, the theater stage consists of a hardwood that can create a glare for the audience under the strong theater lighting. However, the rolls of our no glare dance floor provide the perfect alternative, eliminating reflection from the lights. When the performance is over, just roll up the no glare theater floor and store it until the next performance.

Matching our portable dance flooring to the existing décor in any building or room is an easy process. Most of our modular dance floor products use a vinyl top layer, which allows them to appear in many different colors and styles.

We offer solid colors in these vinyl top dance floors, including black, gray, and white. Such floors are a smart choice for dance recitals and theater musicals, where avoiding glare from theater-style lighting is important.

We also have multiple flooring options in a wood grain finish. Choosing this style of portable dance floor is a good idea when using the flooring for setting up a dance area for a wedding or similar event. The wood grain looks amazing, yet the vinyl surface is tough enough to stand up to repeated foot traffic from either soft-soled or hard-soled dance shoes. We offer a few different wood grain styles and colors too.

One of the best features of our modular dance flooring is the size of the stackable pieces or rolls. Between practice sessions or recitals, storing the materials doesn’t require a lot of space backstage or in a prop room.

To further simplify the process of moving the tiles into and out of storage, Greatmats offers portable dance floor wooden carts. Just stack the individual tiles onto the sturdy four-wheeled cart and quickly move the tiles wherever they need to go. The cart is long enough to support the weight and size of removable dance floor rolls too.

Best Portable Dance Floor Designs

For the best options in portable dance floors, count on Greatmats to have the perfect design in stock. We carry modular dance floor tiles, modular dance floors, and rolls of temporary dance floor, all at a great price.

With the snap together flooring, we also offer ramped edge pieces. These give the flooring area a perfect finishing touch, while reducing the likelihood of someone tripping over the edge of the dance floor. The edging pieces fit tightly to the dance floor pieces, eliminating the chances that they would pop loose under stress.

All of our portable dance floors for sale are easy to install and disassemble, making them a great value for any school, hotel, banquet hall, dance troupe, dance studio, or at-home dance practice area. Those looking to enhance the value of a building by hosting weddings, anniversary parties, and similar events will appreciate our portable dancefloors, which allow the building to host many new types of events.