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How Much Does it Cost to Put Down Playground Foam?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2020 - Modified: January, 2024

When you think of a playground, many things probably come to mind. Laughter, learning, and playing ball and other games are all a part of the playground experience, as are injuries, skin burns, spills, germs, and tears. In thinking of the best environment for kids, it is important to consider what the safest playground flooring options are, as well as other factors such as cost. A space that promotes creativity and fun as well as safety and cleanliness would be the ideal setting, and a soft and cushioned foam floor plays a huge role in creating such a space. Greatmats has numerous playground foam options from which to choose with different price points. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Indoor Playground Foam Tiles

Indoor Playground Foam Floor
Approximate Cost: $3 per sq. ft.
If you have a large room or indoor area that you would like to make suitable for a kids’ play area, these interlocking playground foam mats provide a fun and safe option that is latex free, waterproof, and non-absorbent. At around $3 per square foot, they are great for rough play, as they are rated for a 4-foot fall height and have a skin-burn-free top texture. These jumbo soft tiles are typically quite large - 40 x 40 inches, but weigh only about 9 pounds. So, they are easy for a one-person, DIY installation over a strong floor or thin pile carpeted floor. If one of these tiles should become damaged, they are easy to remove and replace, as no adhesive is necessary with this type of flooring tile. In many cases, you can even just flip the tile over and use the other side on top.

Playground Turf with Foam Padding

Playground Turf with Foam Padding
Approximate Cost: $8.50 per sq. ft.
Playground foam comes in many forms, with playground turf being a great product that pairs well with foam padding. This product reacts naturally, allowing rainwater and moisture to flow through, providing consistent performance over time. At around $8.50 per square foot, this turf has a naturally appealing artificial turf top layer and creates a safe and resilient playground. It has a 2.25-inch foam base layer, and it works well for indoor or outdoor installation. 

2.25 Inch Foam Padding for Playground

2.25 Inch foam Padding for Indoor Playground
Approximate Cost: under $4 per sq. ft.
A 2.25” playground foam product that makes an excellent underlayment for playgrounds, this 2.25 inch, 3.25x7.5 foot pad is ideal. This impact-absorbing padding provides a soft and safe area beneath artificial turf. It is non-microbial and performs well for years without decay, deformation, mold, or fungus growth. At less than $4 per square foot, this product is made from 100 percent recycled, non-contaminated, post-industrial, cross-linked closed-cell polyethylene foam. It creates a very safe and resilient playground that combines quality and value and when paired with playground turf, has a 9-foot fall rating and is a Next Generation Playground Product. 

1.25 Inch Foam Padding for the Playground

1.25 Inch foam Padding for Playground
Approximate Cost: under $3 per sq. ft.
The 1.25” playground foam padding is also available in a 1.25-inch version. Much like the 2.25-inch, this underlayment gives artificial playground turf a high level of softness. When paired with the turf, this product is certified to a 5-foot fall height rating - making it a great option around playground equipment. 
At under $3 per square foot, this playground foam is very affordable, yet extremely reliable. This is a Next Generation Playground Product.

Thick Foam Flooring Roll Underlayment

Thick Foam Flooring Roll
Approximate Cost: $5.44 per sq. ft.
An quality foam underlayment is a great indoor playground foam accessory. This roll is made of a cross-linked polyethylene sports foam material that provides excellent shock absorption capabilities. These 42-foot foam rolls are made in the USA. At about $5.44 per square foot, this product features excellent rebound and cushion and is safe for kids of all ages. This 1.25-inch thick roll has a 5-year-limited warranty and has a material hardness rating of 2.2 pounds per cubic foot.

Greatmats for Playground Foam Mats

If you are looking for the best playground foam mats, Greatmats is your one-stop shop. The options at Greatmats deliver the perfect mix of quality, variety, and durability, and none of the products will be cheap or poorly made. Playgrounds are home to memory-making playtime and hours of enjoyment for children. They also provide a little break from busy parents who find themselves entertaining kids all day long. The running and laughter seem to be endless, and the slide, swings, and monkey bars provide hours of physical fun… until someone falls and gets hurt. An important aspect that minimizes the severity of potential injuries is playground floors, with playground foam mats being one of the best choices. 
Greatmats truly has an option to suit any need, preference, and budget. And thanks to the Greatmats guarantee, you can also shop with confidence – knowing you’ll never overpay for a product or find better service. When you're ready to explore options for the best playground foam mats, let the team at Greatmats go to work for you.