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Home / Cheer Mats / Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch

SKU# GMCM510-138

Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch

Home Cheer Mats, Home Cheer Rolls 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch, Home and School Practice Mats

Home cheerleading mat, Cheerleading stunt mat
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Thickness 1-3/8 inch
Length 10.00 feet
Width 5.00 feet
Weight 30.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
DESCRIPTION⌃ Back to top

Top Features for Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch

  1. High performance sports cheerleading foam
  2. Lightweight and portable
  3. Ideal size for traveling cheer events
  4. Durable, needle punch carpet top
  5. Use indoors or outdoors in dry areas
  6. Can be joined with additional mats
  7. Convenient roll up design
Use Types

Home Cheer Mats, Gymnastics Practice, Outdoor Events, Cheerleading Mats, Tumbling Mats

When you need a durable home cheerleading mat that also provides plenty of padding and cushioning, the product is a popular choice among our customers. It's popular with good reason, as this mat provides excellent performance, yet it's also portable, because it rolls down to a small size that's easy to carry.

Soft and Durable

These home cheer mats make use of a polyester needle punch carpet top with an EVA PE foam base. This is a great surface for durability, giving the students the kind of traction they need to be able to perform their skills properly. Our foam features a material density rating of Shore C 30, which shows its cushioning properties.

And the EVA PE foam on the underside of the carpet top yields a soft landing that will help students practice longer. They won't suffer muscle fatigue while using these home and school practice mats, and they'll have softer landings for the ankle, knee, and wrist joints during tumbling passes and jumps. This will allow them to practice longer and more successfully, while also remaining fresher on days when they have a gymnastics or cheerleading performance.

With a size of 5 by 10 feet in the cheerleading stunt mat, it covers 50 square feet, making it a great size for working on cheerleading jumps or gymnastics tumbling. If you need an even bigger space, you can take advantage of the straight edges on each side of the home cheer mats. Line up two mats side by side to create an area of 10 by 10 feet for tumbling and jumping. Another option is to line up two mats end to end and create a longer tumbling run of 5 by 20 feet using the home cheerleading mat units. If you want to connect more than one cheerleading stunt mat, we do offer Velcro strips that allow you to make this connection securely. Just contact the Greatmats customer service team for more information.

Innovative Design

The mat for home cheer rolls 5x10 ft x 1 3/8 inch product features a smart design in the foam section of the mat that allows the mat to be rolled up to a tight diameter. When rolled up, these home cheer mats have a diameter of about 18 inches. You then can store the mat easily without occupying too much space when it isn't in use.

The foam on the underside of the cheerleading stunt mat is split along the width of the foam every few inches. When the mat is flat to the ground with the carpet top visible, it will appear to be a solid mat, and the cuts in the EVA PE foam will not be noticeable.

However, when it's time to roll up this home cheerleading mat, the splits in the foam will come into play. As you start rolling up the mat, the splits in the foam layer begin to pull apart, allowing you to roll the mat up tightly without worrying about putting stress on the foam layer and tearing it. With the water jet system we use to cut the foam backing with the cheerleading stunt mat pieces, the cuts are precise, ensuring this system works perfectly.

Simple Transportation

Once you have the home cheer mats tightly rolled, it becomes easier to move them. An individual cheerleading stunt mat weighs 30 pounds, so one person can carry the mat if required. This makes it easy to move the mats from room to room, should you need to store the mats in a different location than where you use them.

Another reason why these home cheer mats work so well for a cheerleading team or a gymnastics team at school is because these teams often have to share practice space with other sports teams at the school. Because these home cheerleading mat options are portable, you can carry them to another area in the school when you have to change practice rooms.

These cheerleading stunt mat products also work great for using for a school cheerleading team that performs at football or basketball games. You can roll out this mat on the sideline of a football game or over a track and field surface to give the cheerleaders a soft landing space. And the same goes for rolling out the mat over a hard wooden basketball floor, where the mat provides a bit of cushioning.

Additionally, if you're running a cheerleading practice, you'll love having these mats available, especially if you're working in a small area. You can perform the skills you need to work on that don't involve the mats first, but when you're ready to work on jumps or tumbling moves, you can unroll the mats and resume practice in no time at all. This is a huge advantage over working with heavy, large mats that take a long time to move around, such as wrestling-style mats that some cheerleading teams use.

Using Mats at Home

If you have a child who participates in cheerleading or gymnastics, you can use our home cheer mats to give them a safe practice area at home. You can install the home cheerleading mat over a flat floor in your home, and it will be safe to use, providing cushioning, even if the mat is laid out over an extremely hard floor, like cement or wood. Just be sure that if the child falls off the mat's surface inadvertently, you've removed any objects he or she could crash into.

Another option is to make use of the Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch product outdoors. Find a dry, flat area outdoors, and you can lay out the cheerleading stunt mat, even over grass.

However, we would not recommend leaving the home cheer mats outdoors for any length of time, as these mats are not UV treated, meaning excessive exposure to sunlight could cause damage to the polyester carpet top surface over time. Additionally, the home cheerleading mat will absorb water and liquid, so using the mat over a wet area outdoors could result in water damage for the mat.

Carpet Vs. Vinyl Top

Although you can use our mats with polyester carpet tops for both gymnastics and cheerleading practice, some people prefer one over the other.

Carpet: A carpet top cushioned mat generally is considered more of a cheerleading mat than a gymnastics mat. Carpet top mats will provide a good traction surface for cheerleaders, who will be wearing shoes as they're competing. However, athletes can also work on the carpet top surface with bare feet, so this mat will work for practice for both types of sports. Another good reason to use a carpet top foam for cheerleading is because it gives catchers during stunting the ability to maintain their footing on the carpet, which keeps everyone safer.

Vinyl: Vinyl mats tend to be foldable, meaning you can fold them up and create a thicker padding in the mat for gymnastics athletes looking for a soft landing spot. Vinyl tends to work better with students working out in bare feet or socks, which is what occurs with gymnastics students, rather than working out in athletic shoes. Vinyl pads will appear in multiple thicknesses, which also can be more helpful for gymnastics. Gymnasts will be working on equipment and apparatuses where the padding requires a certain fall height rating to be safe. Carpet top mats don't have the fall rating required for these types of gymnastics events. Carpet top mats are made more for practice for tumbling and jumps.

If you have any questions about which type of mat you should order, please give our Greatmats customer service team a call to discuss your options, as we offer many different kinds of mats to meet your practice needs.


Another reason to appreciate the Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch product from Greatmats is because of how easy it is to maintain. This home cheerleading mat product will clean up with a simple vacuuming, just like you'd do with other areas of carpeting in your home. Should you find a stubborn stain on the polyester carpet top of the cheerleading stunt mat, you can use a rag and a carpet cleaning solution to hand clean the stains. Let the area dry completely before you roll up the mat.

We're sure you'll love the durability and comfort of our home cheer mats. They work great for practice at home, at school, or in a studio setting, and they're also extremely portable, making them a versatile option that you'll find yourself using during every practice session.

We offer either black or blue carpet top surfaces on with our Gmats product. We also have a few different size options for you with this style of carpet top mats, as well as different thicknesses for the foam. If you would like to see a free sample of this product, or if you have any questions about the best option for your needs, please contact our Greatmats customer service team. Just explain how you plan to use the mats, and we'll help you find the best product to meet your exact needs!

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Gmats Cheer Mats 5x10 Ft x 1 3/8 Inch
Size: 5 ft x 10 ft x 1-3/8 inch
Color: Black
Qty: 2
Cost: $89.50 each plus shipping
Product Issues: new - slight damage on foam back
SKU: CLC 109A and 109B


Vacuum as needed.


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In Stock Yes
Product Type Roll
Material Type Polyester Carpet
Product Edging Straight
Thickness 1-3/8 inch
Width 5.00 feet
Length 10.00 feet
SF per Item 50.00
Weight 30.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 1
Non Absorbent No
Special Adhesives No
Interlock Loss 0.00 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness Shore C 30
Interlocking Connections No
Made In Imported
Surface Finish Carpet top
Surface Design Solid color
Installation Method Roll out flat
UV Treated No
Reversible No
Border Strips Included No
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Is this mat good for a teenager practicing kip ups?
Yes this cheer mat is good for all home cheer practice moves.
Does this product come with velcro strips to attach the mats together?
No, not for one mat, we have velcro for sale to attach more than one mat together, please contact us.
Do you stock 5 X 10 X 2'' rolled cheer mats?
We only carry the 5x10 ft in 1-3/8 inch thickness.
Besides the thickness of the mats - what is the difference between the Cheer Mats and the Martial Arts mats? I am looking to create a home gym for personal training, which includes a lot of aerobic exercise and plyometrics. Which would be the best choice between the two for that purpose?
The difference between the two is the top surface, the cheer mats have a carpet top. For home exercise we would recommend the vinyl top surface.
Is it also good for gymnastics?
Yes this carpet topped roll up cheer mat can be used for gymnastics, and our vinyl covered folding mats are more common for gymnastics training.
Would this product work for fitness classes?
This carpet topped roll up cheer mat is specifically designed for cheerleading. We would tend to recommend rubber or foam tiles for fitness classes. For portable flooring, I would suggest the vinyl topped version of this same product.
Thinking of using a cheer mat for use on the driveway in front of the garage - storage in the garage when not in use. I skip rope (tricks) and some hand balancing/yoga/ gymnastics. Which mat design would you recommend? Are these mats too soft for skipping rope? Thanks, Robert
The cheer mats have a carpet top and are designed specifically for cheer and tumbling and may be to soft for hand stands, for your uses, I would recommend our 5x10 ft roll out mat with a vinyl top surface.

REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:

These mats are solidly built and a beautiful deep black color. Very light weight and easy to store and very comfortable to practice acrobatics on! Also the lowest price! Highly recommended!


Customer Rating:

My team loves this mat! It's great for stunting!

Latimer, IA

Customer Rating:

Great Mats and Great Customer Service

West Covina, CA

Customer Rating:

Great Mat ! Rolls away quick and not so bulky. My athletes love the mat as well!!


Customer Rating:

Great product!!!

Narrows, VA

Customer Rating:

The size and ''cushiness'' of the mat are great - my 10 and 13 year old girls love it! My only complaint is that when it arrived there were 4 big chunks out of one end of it- as if when whoever rolled it up to put in the box had trouble picking it up and ripped big chunks out of the foam on the back. Luckily it is on the end so I am not that worried about anyone getting hurt, but it is just disappointing that it was still sent to us that way...

Glen Ellyn, IL

Customer Rating:

my daughter loves this mat its big enough to do tumbles and all sorts of routines for cheer

Tustin, MI